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Clerk reported that still nothing has been received from Adrian Williams at Gwynedd Council Highways or Sean Wilkes. It was agreed to create a working group to restart the playground project and organise a fundraising campaign, including buying some signs to put up in the playground as part of this campaign. Cllr Reynolds spoke to Eleri Hughes at Gwynedd Council a few weeks ago about this issue but hasn’t heard back. It was asked if the extension at 12 Penhelig Road had been given planning permission. The clerk reported that she had reported it to Snowdonia but hadn’t heard anything back.

  • The white lining crew have painted new lines and remover the doctor’s slot, but turned up before the kerb gutters had been cleared of sand, and they painted up to the accumulation of sand, instead of removing it!
  • Midtronics ChargeXpress Pro 50/2 intelligent charge mode combines charge acceptance with battery conditioning, for optimal and safe charging.
  • Our local garage fitted the entire anti siphon kits to our vans and fingers crossed we have put a stop to fuel being siphoned off from our vehicles.
  • I have earned good amount of whatever the trader does in his own account is automatically replicated/mirrored in the client account as well.

The TrailerCheck 4 Vans is an intelligent unit and has the capability to power multiple trailers. Specialist Truck & Trailer Services Ltd of Pudsey Leeds have recently purchased a TrailerCheck Tester & Diagnostics system from aide automotive ltd. VOSA has conducted trials which have proven that by fitting xcritical cheating Fresnel lenses to vehicles, both the frequency and the severity of “sideswipe” accidents is reduced. A Hi Vu Fresnel lens press-fits inside the truck’s passenger side window, like a mirror, Hi Vu affords the driver a normal, view of what’s close to his cab, not a reversed or inverted mirror image.

Agricultural Farming Trailer Light Tester

When a low or high-pressure condition is sensed, the monitor displays the tyre location with a flashing light and sounds an audible alarm. This years Fill Up With Air Campaign by Michelin has named and shamed those most likely to drive with illegal tyres! The campaign has identified the ten UK towns where you are most likely to encounter motorists driving on dangerously under-inflated and even punctured tyres. Michelin took a roadshow to 24 UK cities this year and checked over 4,500 cars through a three-month period. The results demonstrated that UK drivers still don’t check tyres on a regular basis.

  • By Ensuring all company vehicles tyres are checked on a regular basis an organisation can be reassured they’ve done everything possible to protect their drivers vehicles from a blow out.
  • Christopher Hanson-Abbot, recently awarded an OBE for his services for vehicle road safety, believes the mandatory fitment of reverse warning systems will reduce fatalities.
  • The Forex trading market in the U.S is one of the most vibrant and active in the world.
  • Concern was raised about cars and bikes potentially crashing into the lamp-post, though it may have the effect of calming the traffic, causing cars to slow down.

Fortunately, the new magnum was the only truck to have received AdBlue from this container. Further to receiving a bill exceeding £3500 and being advised that the failed SCR injector had been polluted with oil, the company director set off on a mission to find the source of the trouble before further trucks fell victim to the same problem. The problem was first noticed when the operator called in to report the truck was operating at reduced RPM, after a lengthily visit to the local distributorship it was discovered that the cause of the problem was emulsified injector lines. Recently a company based in Crewe found themselves with a costly bill when they discovered that their new Renault Magnums NOx reduction system had become polluted. Dave Barlow, sales manager at the haulier, says the intruders entered the site and broke the locking fuel caps off four lorries to obtain access to the diesel. Taller vehicles such as Cars, Trucks, Vans, 4x4s & Motorhomes are particularly vulnerable as the Catalytic converters are more accessible and, because they tend to have larger engines, they contain more of the precious metals.

Global Travel Marketplace unveils Charitable Travel Fund partnership

In today’s world of “Duty Of Care” all management staff need to increase their awareness of reporting and detailing what best they can do to achieve a safe working environment for employees and the general public. However please note if the light stays ON after a test drive then there is a fault in the system which requires maintenance before the truck and trailer can be utilised. When a trucks performance is xcritical cheating questioned it has been difficult to demonstrate that issues have been created by poor or contaminated fuel. In the past truck manufacturers have had to send off fuel for laboratory testing to prove that the fuel is causing the problem and the vehicle is therefore not covered under it’s warranty. However the fuel analyser gives truck manufactures the ability to demonstrate this to their customers themselves.

  • Cllr Richards also wished to note that the costs are significantly greater than the originally indicated.
  • When they saw the vehicle CCTV they used it as evidence to prove the Skoda driver was at-fault.
  • Cllr Richards/5 Cllr Richards expressed concern over the restricted access at the end of the main car park, caused by a build-up of sand.
  • Cllr Tyrrell proposed that the Council consider the purchase of electronic counters for installation in the wharf toilets to assist in the planning of future of this vital amenity to support the village’s tourism drive.
  • The BackStop system is an attractive product for transport managers to improve health & safety standards.

Increased emphasis on corporate responsibility stresses the need for commercial vehicle owners to carefully manage the safety checks of their vehicles. Particular attention should be paid to regularly checking tyre pressures and brakes. Vehicle operators have a legal duty to make sure items such as brake lights are working correctly at all times.

Crash Caused by Jumping The Light ‘Exposed By Camera”

This high-density polyethylene disc helps removes lubricating problems by eliminating the need for 5th wheel plate grease. Lube Liners attach to a trailer’s kingpin and provide constant lubrication for easier handling, cleaner operation, safer trailing and more reliable performance during on-the-road operations. For the modern ABS Agri trailers with ECU’s, we can also offer the Trailer Diagnostics Product “Code Talk”. Then if you need to work on the circuit you use the handset to switch the power to another light or off altogether.

The blocked culvert repair is a matter of possible dispute between Highways and Coastal path. In the meantime remedial temporary repairs have been carried out by Rob Jones and his team. The Clerk spoke with Barry Davies last Thursday and he seems agreeable to the proposition.

Kent Police Warn of An Increase in Fuel Theft!

Cllr Richards suggested that some elements of these reports were misguided and needed to be re-assessed. Cllr Lloyd said that he was happy to lead this project on behalf of the community. The Clerk noted that ACC should approach the pedestrian crossing request as part of the ‘planning gain’. Cllr Williams asked the Clerk to outline the ‘Day on the Quay’ event on 21st July. The Clerk said that event will feature a number of activities promoting the Welsh fishing industry, and will be totally funded via FLAG action group by European funding.


We will continue to protect the interests of both our pensioners and those who have given many years of good service to the Group, we as your directors will continue to act in the best interest of our shareholders in both good and difficult times. The Plastics Division is trading in line with expectations, with some new customers having been acquired during the past year. In order to reduce the effect of wage costs, we are gradually introducing more automation, in particular with robotics.

Aide automotive offer a range of products to help with DVSA Guide Roadworthiness. Aide automotives Agri TestaTow can now test the tractor cab brake warning light. For those agricultural trailers operating the more modern brake systems with a dedicated ISO line, TestaTow will mimic the brake systems warning light to confirm the system is operational or not. Sender Safe is a robust and easy to fit protective shield for a Truck Fuel Tank Sender unit, increased protection of the fuel tank filler entry by fitting anti siphon devices has meant the Sender Unit is now the way to steal fuel. With a price of £499.00 + vat the Bowmonk BrakeCheck Geo is still a cost effective brake test for commercial vehicle inspection sheet tests.

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