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With more than 5,000 employees worldwide, Starcom partners with the world’s leading marketers and new establishment brands, including Airbnb, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Kraft Heinz, Mars, Samsung, Visa, Lidl and more. Starcom is part of Publicis Media, one of four solution hubs within Publicis Groupe , and has offices within Publicis One. What might change, however, is the length of time between theatrical and VOD releases, which could shorten from around nine weeks to five or six. Despite this, analysts tell The Drum this is unlikely to outlast the pandemic. As highlighted above, the financial incentives still favor wide theatrical releases.

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  • But once theaters fully open, expect cinema companies to demand a renewed exclusive theater window.
  • What I do know is if we are to return to our beloved stages, they must be cleaned, sanitized and fumigated.
  • Butheina Kazim opened the venue in 2018, out of an itinerant pop-up platform she first launched in 2014, to fill a “gaping hole” for independent cinema in the Emirati exhibition sector.
  • It probably can’t happen, given human nature and what history has taught us, and would there be any dramatic stories to tell in a world without conflict?
  • The American Film Institute’s lifetime achievement ceremony to honour Dame Julie Andrews was pushed back from April to the summer.
  • The Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards modified their eligibility criteria for their 2021 editions, as they usually require that a film be screened theatrically for a minimum length of time.

If we have to talk about “show business,” I’d like that business to care first about the well-being of the humans that make it and receive it. It means prioritizing salaries over spectacle and valuing creativity, simplicity and ingenuity over lavish producing, marketing, self congratulating and selling. It means getting rid of the ideas of performance as product and audience as consumer, and caring more about comfort, safety and accessibility for the greatest number and variety of people. I think many of us have learned why we go to movie theaters in the first place. Garrett, who’s African American, and Stephanie Ybarra, who’s LatinX, have been working explicitly to make their organizations anti-racist, as has Oskar Eustis, who’s white. Recently, a document called We See You White American Theater, was published online with a list of demands for change.

Top Theater Minds Dream The Future: What Will The Post

It is my hope that when we’re able to gather en masse that we rethink the tyranny of the proscenium stage and our dependency on making theater in traditional and exclusionary spaces. No doubt, people will desire robust and healing storytelling, but we have to ensure that we create an environment where theater is accessible to everyone. I have always believed the act of theater to be an act of service, and at its best, a selfless one. Writers, actors, directors, designers, craftspersons, staff, front of house and producers all work in service of a shared idea, and the performance is offered in service of the audience for the greatest possible good of the community. So in imagining the far off, post-pandemic theater, I most want to see a theater with its priorities wholly focused on human beings and community. I’ve missed theaters tremendously — especially since my job means I used to sit in one three or four or five days a week.

Will The Pull Of Blockbuster Films Be Enough?

And movie-lovers will have a front row seat to creative destruction in action. The pandemic has also threatened cinema owners’ once-sacrosanct business model, in which they were given exclusive rights to show films for months before they were made available for home viewing. Hirano, who took over management duties in December 2020 during the pandemic, says that while the Waseda Shochiku is currently operating at full capacity and hours, it does not feel like the cinema is out of the woods just yet. “I can’t shake that anxious feeling of, ‘When will things go back to the way they were before? ’” However, Hirano has taken comfort from messages left by fans on social media — and, more importantly, that they keep showing up to see films. Depot came into being after Carmen Slijpen, who had been active in Lewes’s film society, connected with local businessman Robert Senior, who shared her vision that their East Sussex town deserved its own cinema, the last one having closed in the early 1970s.

On February 9, 2021, it was announced that Blue Sky Studios, a computer animation studio which had been acquired by Disney during its purchase of 21st Century Fox, would be closed due to the economic impact of the pandemic on their business operations. The closure of Blue Sky also resulted in its cancellation of a film adaptation of Nimona, which was reported to be 75% complete. The Toronto International Film Festival announced that it would make “masks optional” once attendees were seated for film screenings. The actions were criticized for creating a potential superspreader event as the social nature of the festival could increase the risk for COVID-19 transmission. It reversed the decision within 24 hours citing a surge of new cases in Ontario. How cinemas will operate in a year or even a month is uncertain and it’s going to be an experiment of trial and error to get the formula right.

Why Cinema Will Survive The Coronavirus Pandemic

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures released Encanto on Disney+ 30 days after an exclusive theatrical run. In the following months, Universal Pictures announced that three more of their films, Marry Me, Firestarter, and Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul would be released to Peacock on the same day as their theatrical releases. For studios, monetization of streaming can be a challenge, particularly when they don’t control their own distribution channels. Among studios that do, deploying streaming services can be very costly, and many have yet to show much profit.

Looking back, Lim said cinemas in Malaysia have struggled to recover as operators were unable to reliably predict the timing and duration of government-mandated movement restrictions. “The asset acquisition is targeted to complete by end-June 2021 and we expect this acquisition to accelerate our recovery when the operating environment returns to normalcy. In line with the above, he said GSC entered into an agreement in February 2021 to acquire cinema assets from the former operators of the MBO cinema circuit. CNK has seen its short percent of outstanding shares climb up to 25% over the past few months.