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To quickly open your video’s watch page, click this video thumbnail. Some tools, like the video editor, only appear when you’ve selected a specific video. To see more options, try switching between the channel and video levels.

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  • Channelview brings a Google Analytics-ish vibe to YouTube with its familiar layout for tracking everything from demographic data to traffic sources and subscriptions.
  • Get scheduling, promotion and marketing tools all in one place for your entire team.
  • Using western blotting, we confirmed the presence of MAP4K4 in HCMV infected cells.
  • Learn from and alongside your peers in an open and relaxed group tutoring environment.

Kasey Bell, creator of ShakeUp Learning, posts regular free tips for teachers related to using technology. Her resources are particularly useful for educators wanting to learn more about Google Classroom and how to use other Google tools. Jeff Bradbury is a TedX speaker, Google for Education Certified Trainer and Innovator who publishes weekly instructional technology tutorials that cover topics from flipped learning, blended learning, and distance learning. The Amoeba Sisters are determined to help demystify science–specifically high school biology–through humor and up-to-date videos, comics, GIFS, and other resources. They explore how people and cultures lived, how technology was developed, how wars were won , and more.

What Is An Observational Study?

Tegan is an American based in Amsterdam, with master’s degrees in political science and education administration. While she is definitely a political scientist at heart, her experience working at universities led to a passion for making social science topics more approachable and exciting to students. A well-designed natural experiment is her favorite type of research, but she also loves qualitative methods of all varieties.

Change In Eating Habits And Physical Activities Before And During The Covid

In this $149 online class, instructor Victor Ha will try to make your integration into all things DSLR easy. Ha will walk you through the essential videography components of a DSLR. Then, he will teach you useful techniques, from framing shots to producing simple projects to spatial relationships. Some people want the nicest video rigs—the best camera, lighting, and editing software.

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We acknowledge that our resources did not enable us to conduct video interviews with children under parental guidance. Finally, the changes in lifestyle habits may be attributed to factors other than the COVID-19 pandemic, and a similar study conducted in cities with little impact conferred by COVID-19 may allow a more definitive conclusion. Without population-wide administration of effective and safe vaccines, public health strategies such as social distancing and personal hygiene have been proved to be effective measures to control the pandemic. Control measures including stay-at-home orders, social distancing recommendations, and closures of parks/fitness rooms were found to be highly effective in reducing the diffusion of infections. However, these initiatives may limit outdoor activities, disrupt physical exercise routines, increase sedentary behavior, and encourage more time spent on electronic screens . And since watching videos is one of the main activities people do across social media channels, sharing short teaser clips is a great way to get your content in front of a wider audience.

Rosling spent two decades studying outbreaks of konzo, a paralytic disease, in remote rural areas across Africa and supervised more than ten PhD students. Furthermore, many of the apps above have helpful organization tools that not only allow you to organize your academic deadlines, but personal deadlines as well, making it easy to balance your academic and personal life. Grammarly’s cutting-edge technology uses advanced machine learning to make your communication sound as polished as possible. Whether you’re trying to craft a professional email to a professor or edit a final draft of an essay, Grammarly will help you in all of your academic endeavors. Simple but powerful, Flashcards+ allows you to study however you want with an unlimited amount of flashcard sets.

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Since these observations occur in real time, you won’t get a second chance with the same data. Case–control studies bring together two groups, a case study group and a control group. The case study group has a particular attribute while the control group does not. The two groups are then compared, to see if the case group exhibits a particular characteristic more than the control group.