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BuzzFeed GoodfulSelf care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. Singing, playing a musical instrument, all this kind of stuff. Collecting rocks is so fun and you learn a lot about other things on your search to identify them… The test was grate but there was one thing none of them showed my actually hobbies there was only 4 opinions which i don’t think is my hobby. Having a passion, we become more creative and creative; we increase our engagement, concentration, and productivity.

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Chamberlain also made history by becoming the only center in NBA history to finish the season as the leader in assists, his 702 beating runner-up point guard and future Hall-of-Famer look at more info Lenny Wilkens’ total by 23. Chamberlain likened his assist title to legendary home-run hitter Babe Ruth leading the league in sacrifice bunts, and he dispelled the myth that he could not and would not pass the ball. For these feats, Chamberlain won his fourth and final MVP title. Another landmark was his 25,000th point, making him the first-ever player to score that many points; he gave the ball to his team physician Stan Lorber.

  • That’s when you don’t regret your choices—even when they seem to be wrong.
  • After testing 17,000 plant samples, he eventually found an adequate source in the Goldenrod plant.
  • Wine is expensive, and beer isn’t classy enough for you, so becoming a tea connoisseur is the perfect way to pass the time.
  • To all those dissing the article you should know that most men and women have different interests.
  • Another landmark was his 25,000th point, making him the first-ever player to score that many points; he gave the ball to his team physician Stan Lorber.

If you haven’t jumped on the trend for grown-up colouring books, get one immediately. Handcrafting hobbies are in vogue now, such as pottery, leatherworking, flower arranging and jewellery making, so sign up to a local class. On the other hand, if you are a fan of motorization, maybe you will be happy with a voucher for a one-hour Lamborghini ride on a race track? How about a flight in a wind tunnel if such speed scares you?

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On March 9, 2000, his No. 13 was retired by the Globetrotters. Once you’ve declared a room, shelf or cabinet for your hobby, keep it organized. Spend some time in hobby shops or organization stores and invest in baskets, jars, easels, plastic bins or whatever you need to stay organized. Containers keep your hobby from spreading around the house. Many hobbyists love a good label maker to keep track of their supplies.


It just means that, on the basis of your answers, these are the sports you might want to try. The quiz is based on a model devised by sports scientists from Loughborough University. Firstly, a list of the physical and mental attributes crucial to success in sport was drawn up.

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(Just Google hobby room and you’ll be amazed by all the options.) If space is at a premium in your home, then try to find a closet, cabinet, trunk, shelf, desk or drawer that you can devote exclusively to your hobby. One of the best ways to start a hobby is to focus on exercise. One way to make exercise feel more like a hobby is to actively set goals and attend events related to it. That may seem obvious, but the lines between hobbies, outside interests and career pursuits can get blurred. One of the reasons our calculations of free time don’t match our reality is that we can lose time doing mindless things like checking email and social media, and clicking around the internet. Or you can try this simple calculator to take a look at how you are spending your time.

During his career, Chamberlain competed against future Hall-of-Famers including Russell, Thurmond, Lucas, and Walt Bellamy. He later faced Abdul-Jabbar, Dave Cowens, Elvin Hayes, and Wes Unseld. After the trade, Chamberlain found himself on a promising Sixers team that included guards Hal Greer, a future Hall-of-Famer, and talented role players Larry Costello, Chet Walker, and Lucious Jackson. He did not care for the Sixers’ coach Dolph Schayes because in his view Schayes had made several disrespectful remarks when they were rival players in the NBA.

Do you know the most interesting thing about sneakerheads? Introverts are a group of people who are relatively closed off and appreciate moments in solitude. Are you rather shy, preferring to listen to others rather than speak? Find a hobby for yourself that you can enjoy in solitude.

Visiting an art gallery or museum might remind you that you always wanted to paint or learn how to throw ceramics. Going to a concert might spark your interest in learning the cello. A hobby is a common way to improve your work-life balance by providing a goal to focus your energy on other than work. While sports and arts & crafts are some common hobbies there is a multitude of unique pastimes to enjoy.